Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catholic Order to Pay $16.5 Million to Sex Abuse Victims

As the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy continues its relentless anti-gay jihad against normal, well adjusted gays, it continues to hemorrhage money in court settlements arising from pedophiles and psycho-sexually stunted priests who abused children and youths.   One would think that at some point the bitter old men in dresses would figure out that their twin obsessions - priestly celibacy and condemnation of all things sexual - is going to end up bankrupting the Church.  The latest blow to the Church's image - no pun intended - arises from the Cristian Brothers order which filed bankruptcy in order to try to stop the financial hemorrhaging.  Here are highlights from the Chicago Tribune:

An order of the Roman Catholic Church has agreed to pay $16.5 million to more than 400 adults who said they were sexually abused as children by religious leaders, the parties announced on Thursday in separate statements.

The victims claimed abuse at schools and child-care facilities belonging to the Christian Brothers and the Christian Brothers of Ireland, Inc, in 17 U.S. states and Canada from the late 1940s or early 1950s until the 1980s, said James Stang, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs.

The settlement agreement reached in U.S. bankruptcy court also enables the victims to pursue more assets from the Christian Brothers such as real estate or insurance claims, Stang said.

In 2011, the Christian Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in response to the sexual abuse claims.

Both sides noted the agreement establishes safeguards to protect children from future abuse.
Note that it is the terms of the settlement, not a plan advanced by Rome which will help insure that children and youths are protected from abuse in the future.  I ask again, how can anyone truly moral remain a Catholic?  Little or nothing has changed.

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