Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wedding Clebration - Phase I

The husband and I got married back in April in Washington, DC, but put off having a wedding celebration/reception until later.  Yesterday was the first celebration focused on family and a few closest friends who include us as members of their extended family.  The weather was absolutely perfect - much of the party was in the back yard - and all seem to have had a good time, especially the little grandchildren and nieces and nephews.  Lest other friends feel slighted, we will be having two more "celebrations" where we will include friends and neighbors.  Our goal was to keep the size of the gatherings smaller and more intimate, although with 60 some guests it still was a whirlwind. The first part of the morning today was packing away all the chairs and tables in the shed until the next event.  I've posted a few photos.

I truly think the kids had the best time of anyone.  It was the first time that my family members other than my youngest daughter met most of the husband's family.  It was a good time. :)  To the gay haters, my message is that we gays do have families and thankfully the younger generations are not accepting your hate and misogamy.

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John said...

Now this just WARMS the HEART!!!
Congrtulations to you both...and may I add that your children are beautiful and look very happy!

Good luck to you all. Hugs. JR