Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mega Church Pastor: Jesus Would Have Wanted a Border Fence

Robert Jeffress - Foul hypocrite and modern day Pharisee

It is stunning how today's "godly folk" use the Christian moniker yet act in a ways diametrically the opposite of the principles announced by Christ and the behavior he exhibited if one believes the Gospel narratives.  Christ's focus was the poor and down trodden and he socialized with the outcasts of the society of his day.  The main targets of Christ's condemnation?  The Pharisees who we see reincarnated in today's conservative Christians who are best known for their hypocrisy and utter hatred towards anyone who doesn't think, look and love like they do.  With thousands of undocumented children in custody along the USA's southern border what does Texas mega church Pastor Robert Jeffress pontificate?  That Jesus would have wanted a border fence to keep out the poor, needy and those fleeing violence in their home countries.  One has to wonder, if there is a God, when will a lightning bolt strike down Jeffress and the many professional Christians that are killing the Christian brand.  A piece in The Raw Story looks at Jeffress' foul batshitery where he claims sending children back to face violence and oppression is the "compassionate" thing to do:
Texas megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress on Thursday cited Jesus Christ to Fox News as reason that the federal government should build a border fence, which he said was the most compassionate thing that could be done for immigrant children.

Jeffress argued that “the most compassionate thing we can do for these children is to secure the border.”

He compared the border to a swimming pool without a fence: “If you’re a homeowner with a swimming pool that doesn’t have a fence around it, and a neighborhood child wanders in and drowns, you’re liable because you have enticed that child into a dangerous situation. The remedy is to build a fence.”

“What we are doing by having these unsecured borders is we are enticing children and mothers to make this dangerous journey,” the Christian leader added. “Yes, we want to show compassion to the children who are here, but the most compassionate thing we can do is secure the borders.”

Jeffress ended his interview with a religious message to the “many Christians” who watch Fox & Friends.  “They’re wondering what the right thing to do is,” he noted. “Yes, Jesus loved children, but he also respected law. He said, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars.”  “So, we need to do both. Show compassion, but secure the borders.”
Jeffress' real problem with these children is that (i) they are not white and (ii) they are not evangelical Protestants.   I agree with author Anne Rice - I don't want to be called a Christian anymore because I do not in any way want to be associated with horrible people like Jeffress, Tony Perkins and many others who make the Pharisees of the Bible look like kind, compassionate charity dispensers in comparison.

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EdA said...

Since this anti-Christian runs a fundamentalist mega-money church in Texas, it's not surprising that he believes that the Egyptians should have turned the Holy Family away at the border, thereby allowing Herod to murder his purported Lord and Savior - along with all the other boy infants of Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:13-16)