Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hate Merchant Rick Warren Wants to Host Obama-Romney Forum

UPDATED:  Thank God!  Politico is reporting that the Obama campaign has said no to Rick Warren's forum proposal.  Here are highlights:

Contrary to reports on Pastor Rick Warren's call yesterday, there will be no joint Mitt Romney-President Obama appearances anywhere before the debates, campaign officials tell POLITICO.
Let's face it, the only reason for the proposed forum is to further inflate Warren's enormous ego and likely harm Obama.

ORIGINAL POST: While Rick Warren goes to great lengths to try to pretend that he's different from his fellow professional Christians whose main stock in trade consists of hate, hypocrisy, greed, the embracing of ignorance and  the denigration of others (I should probably throw in gluttony as well given Warren's obesity), he's actually little more than a more polished version of Tony Perkins and those who preach anti-gay animus.  Sadly, the mainstream media doesn't seem to have the brains to figure out that Warren's pushing the same foul message as his less moderate breather.  Now the porcine Warren wants to hold another candidate form with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney according the a story in the Baptist Press.  Obama is a fool if he agrees to this and will likely undo much of the good will he's rebuilt among the LGBT community and other progressive groups.  Meanwhile, the voters who eat up Warrens false piety and sanctimonious bullshit won't vote for Obama in any event.  It's a lose lose situation for Obama and the only winner is Warren who has his already inflated ego stroked.  Here are highlights from the Baptist Press

Pastor Rick Warren says he hopes to host another forum between the major two presidential candidates this year -- similar to what took place in 2008 -- although no formal agreement is in place.

The pastor of Saddleback Church in California told reporters during a conference call Monday (July 16) that he has reached out to the campaigns of President Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, reported.

Bob Felton at Civil Commotion has a strong but accurate statement as to why Obama ought to tell Warren to get lost:

Shall we count the reasons?
  1. America is explicitly, designedly, a secular country; religion, however cherished, is not a licit basis for a vote decision.
  2. Accepting Rick Warren’s invitation has the de facto effect of elevating a particular set of religious beliefs above others; in the instant case, the beliefs of the intellectually crude and backward-looking evangelical right that has played so large a role in frustrating national progress.
  3. Rick Warren is a rotten human being, with sewage for values.  You think I overstate? Watch this urging that believers be as implacably devoted to obeying Jesus as Nazis were to following Hitler, or Mao’s peasants on The Long March.
Warren should be a universal figure of ridicule and contempt, and American presidential candidates disgrace themselves when they toady to him.

Mitt Romney will be hard put to refuse, of course; indeed, sucking-up to the sort of people who think Rick Warren is a great man is indispensable to his ambitions. He should refuse anyway, as a matter of decency, dignity and, yes, patriotism.

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