Thursday, February 06, 2014

Budweiser Pulls Out Of Sochi Olympics

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In what hopefully will become a trend Budweiser has decided at the last minute to pull all of its personnel out of Sochi citing fears for their safety.   Other media reports indicate that few foreign visitors have appeared in Sochi, so one can only hope that Vladimir Putin's ego drive Winter Games are a bust in terms of PR and allowing  Putin to preen in the limelight.  Huffington Post has details:
At the last minute, Budweiser has decided to pull out its employees from the Sochi Winter Olympics. The “King of Beers” will not host its usual Olympics beer blast, a huge party designed to promote its brand image worldwide.

According to a report at TMZ, “it’s all because the company is not comfortable with the situation in Russia.”

“A rep for Anheuser-Busch confirms to TMZ Sports … there will be no Club Bud in Sochi.”  TMZ adds, “we’ve seen an email from a Budweiser rep which says the company does not want its U.S.-based representatives in Sochi … and the message is clear — the terrorist threat is simply looming too large.”

A new CNN poll finds 57 percent of Americans think a terror attack at the Sochi Olympics, which begin tonight, is “likely.”

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