Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Brain Dead Hampton Roads Clergy Condemn Mark Herring and Gay Marriage

As noted in the prior post, the hearing in Bostic v. Rainey yesterday in federal court in Norfolk has really caused the Christofascist hate merchants to come out in droves.  Joining in the fray of bashing Attorney General Mark Herring and gays in general was a group of Hampton Roads con-men pastors who in all likelihood were orchestrated by The Family Foundation, a "family values" organization with strong white supremacists under currents, which consistently dupes black pastors into acting as its water carriers.  I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of black pastors who allow the Bible to be used to manipulate them by white far right Christians who hate them and blacks in general.  I'm sorry, but these individuals might just as well wear a sign around their necks that says "I'm an Idiot" or "I'm a Cretin." The video clip above is from WAVY-TV 10

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