Monday, April 30, 2012

Feel The Christian Love

Last month I wrote about Faith Baptist Church in Georgia and it's over the top vitriol against gays (the image above is from the "church's" website)  that seems to rely heavily on the totally discredited "research" of Paul Cameron.  Apparently someone took offense and I received the following message of Christian love: 

[T]he Bible speaks against FAGS like you from Genesis to Revelation but you sound like you could care less so here's whats going to happen: you will go in your perverted sexual rebellion all the way to HELL! then you will be brought before God at the great white throne and He will cast you into the Lake of Fire for eternity. so go ahead and mock, laugh, attempt to contradict, you wont be much longer PERVERT!

Romans 1
I Corithians 6: 9-11
Leviticus 18
Genesis 19
The writer, who called himself "John Smallwood" apparently is unfamiliar with the new University of Rochester study that found many of the most extreme homophobes are closeted gays.  Thus, he seems to REALLY secretly lust for some hot gay sex.  Secondly, he also seems ignorant of the human genome research that indicates that Adam and Eve did not really exist as historical people and that, therefore, Genesis is hardly a reliable basis for any objective facts or intelligent argument.

As I have noted before, it is ALWAYS the God fearing Christians who leave this kind of "loving" message.

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Angelo Ventura said...

The bible is a shitload of bigotry,genocide,incest and hatred. Far from being inerrant,is one of the most ERRANTbooks in existence.