Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wife Of Key Legislator Behind North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Amendment Claims It Would Protect "Caucasian Race"

I have contended for some time now that today's GOP is not only an anti-gay political part, but also a racist party.  The statements of Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of North Carolina state Sen. Peter Brunstetter, a principal sponsor of Amendment One certainly seem to support my analysis.  While being interviewed Ms. Brunstetter stated that one of the purposes of Amendment One was "because the Caucasian race is diminishing and we need to uh, reproduce.”The theory behind the batshitery is that if gays cannot marry, then white gays will marry women and produce Caucasian babies.  It's fu*ked up to say the least, but welcome to today's GOP.  Here are highlights (a video clip is above)  from Think Progress:

The wife of a prominent North Carolina state senator and supporter of Amendment 1 — a proposed ballot initiative that would outlaw same-sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships in the state — claimed earlier this week that her husband advocated for the measure to protect the “Caucasian” race.

Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of North Carolina state Sen. Peter Brunstetter, made the remarks “outside the early voting site at the Forsyth County Government Center in downtown Winston-Salem” while speaking to voters, . . . .

Nance heard about Jodie’s comments from an African-American poll worker who allegedly overheard Brunstetter say, “The reason my husband wrote Amendment 1 was because the Caucasian race is diminishing and we need to uh, reproduce.”  Asked to clarify her statement, Brunstetter reluctantly confirmed that she did in fact use the phrase “Caucasian”:
BRUNSTETTER: [P]eople who founded the United states wrote a Constitution and it has been what has preserved this society. And we were just talking about lots of different things which the gentleman was turning around.
NANCE: You didn’t tell that one lady that it was to preserve the Caucasian race, because they were becoming a minority? That’s what an old lady down the block told us.
NANCE: You didn’t say that? She’s lying?
BRUNSTETTER: No. It’s just that same sex marriages are not having children. [...]
NANCE: You didn’t say anything about Caucasians?
BRUNSTETTER: I probably said the word.
Amendment 1, which goes to a vote on May 8, has already divided the African American community between leaders who argue that the Bible prohibits homosexual behavior and those who maintain that religious interpretations should not influence civil laws. The comments by Mrs. Brunstetter will likely interject more racial division into the debate.

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