Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Ridiculousness of Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments

My last post yesterday noted that in reality, the opponents of gay marriage have no legitimate arguments to deny marriage equality to same sex couples other that their fear and hate based religious beliefs.  They can stamp their feet and engage in spittle flecked rants, but in the final analysis it is religion alone that supports their anti-gay arguments.  In a society where there is no established religion, it is far past time that religion be driven from the civil laws.  A column in the Virginian Pilot makes this argument.  Here are excerpts:
It is about time this is happening, and the speed at which marriage equality is happening is heartening.  I can't wait until Virginia joins the 19 states that allow homosexuals to marry.

I laugh at the argument that allowing men to marry men and women to marry women will ruin the sanctity of matrimony.  Explain to me, someone, please, how that is true.  My relationship with my wife will not change when Virginia allows gay marriage.  However, the lives of many Virginians, now denied that special status, will change for the better, when they can legally marry.  There are many legal rights recognized for married couples.  There is no reason gays and lesbians cannot share in those rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Not a one.

Religion is one of the main reasons cited to disallow gays to marry.  In a secular society, which we are and ever will be, religious prohibitions hold no water.  Society is not bound by religious beliefs.  Gods are not responsible for marital bliss, we are.  Speaking of gods, how many who would disallow gay marriage because of the Bible follow the rules stated in the Bible for men and women who marry?  Few do; few would want to, I would hope.

So, let's celebrate yet another state joining the ever growing rational states that allow loving couples to marry, and let's hope Virginia soon joins those rational, forward-looking states that recognize rights that should have always been inherent in every couple's lives should they choose to legally commit to one another.

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