Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hate Groups Go Berserk Over Pennsylvania Ruling

As to be expected, leaders of the usual hate groups raced to release spittle flecked statements condemning Judge Jones' ruling as a "usurpation of power" and "contrary to the will of the people" as if minority rights should be put up for decision by a mob like majority.  Amongst all the fluster and theatrics, not a one of these hate merchants offered an explanation as to how same sex marriage in any way caused a diminution in their civil rights or those of their hate and fear motivated followers other than perhaps lessening their ability to inflict their toxic religious on society at large.  Of course, an unspoken reason these people are so hysterical is because gay marriage suggests that their slavish devotion to a handful of Bible passages - even as they ignore countless other passages - is wrong and, therefore, their fantasy world view quickly crumbles.  With the human genome project have proven that Adam and Eve never existed and that The Fall never happened, it would seem that same sex marriage is the least of their worries.  Here is a partial summary of the hate group batshitery:

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference
The redefinition of marriage enshrines in law a denial of the rights of children to a mother and a father united in marriage. Catholic opposition to same-sex marriage is not a statement about the worth of human beings who experience same-sex attraction, but a statement about the nature of marriage itself."
In light of the Vatican orchestrated sex abuse cover up and Pope Francis' failure to sack any bishops and cardinals involved in the cover ups speaks volumes at the hypocrisy of this statement released via press release.  The bitter old men in dresses in the Church hierarchy simply cannot tolerate gays living their lives as God made them even as the miserable old bastards live closeted lives. 

FRC and KKK Associated Tony Perkins 

"Judge Jones ruling has no basis in Supreme Court precedent, and lacks any foundation in the text of the Constitution, or in the history or traditions of our country. Instead, he substituted his own personal dogmatic ideology as he proclaimed that any recognition of natural marriage should be thrown 'into the ash heap of history.'

What is likely really motivating FRC and Perkins is that when gay marriage bans are soon a thing of the past, a huge fundraising cash cow will be dead.  Heavens forbid that the nasty Perkins be forced to find a rel job.

Brian Brow/National Organization for Marriage 

"Pennsylvania voters have long sought, and been denied, the right to vote on the issue of marriage. This ruling adds insult to injury, as it leaves the citizens of Pennsylvania doubly disenfranchised. Members of the Pennsylvania legislature have been actively working for years to put this matter to the voters, which makes Judge Jones' cavalier decision even more brazen and unjust. The ruling unilaterally makes an end-run around the democratic process and places the capricious will of one man above the desires of millions of citizens.

Like Perkins, Brown is terrified that his nice six figure income from peddling hate will soon go away. 

As for those not motivated by greed like Perkins and Brown, the terror of seeing their artificial world slowly - or maybe quickly - collapse and being forced to confront objective reality is a prime motivation in my view.

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