Monday, May 06, 2013

New York Readers: My Niece and the Return of the Hester Street Fair

After California and Virginia, this blogs highest readership is in New York State, with much of the readership skewed towards New York City.  Hence I want to make a shameless plug for my niece (my late sister's daughter who is pictured on page 2 of 20) who is steadily building her own business line, Kitty Lee Tomas Sweets.   One of the venues that she is utilizing is the Hester street Fair.   Here's what PaperMag Galleries had to say about the fair:

This past Saturday marked the return of the Hester Street Fair, the LES food/crafts/clothing and jewelry market located at the former site of NYC's largest pushcart market. PAPER photographer Atisha Paulson caught all the action -- check out his photos of what you can find at the fair from Tupac charm necklaces to one tasty-looking banh mi.

I hope New York Readers will check out the fair and say "hello" to my niece.  Her sweets are wonderful. She describes her goodies as follows:

Specializing in handmade gourmet marshmallows, crisp bars, and other sweets made in small batches to order in New York City.

We take pride in using the highest quality ingredients we can find to bring you new and exciting flavor combinations as well as bring you back to old favorites that are just too hard to forget. Marshmallows are our speciality.. light and fluffy and full of flavor.. we like to think that they are not just your average marshmallows. We have just launhed our new Crisp Bars...our version of rice krispie treats, and they are all gluten free and vegan! We are consistently experimenting with new ingredients and flavors..  The possibilities are endless! 

We currently offer online ordering, wholesale, NYC local delivery, private chef, catering/events, customized flavors and gift boxes availalble upon request.
 Her Facebook page is here.

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