Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Support OBX Pridefest - June 15 to 18, 2012

My first reaction to yesterday's vote on Amendment One - which relegates LGBT North Carolina citizens to the 4th class citizenship status that LGBT Virginians have lived for almost 6 years (I have more legal recognition of my ownership of my Chihuahua than to my relationship with my de facto husband) - was to totally boycott all of North Carolina.   Was I angry and seeking revenge?  Most definitely.

However, conversing with members of the OBX Pridefest committee, I've rethought my first reaction.  At least in certain instances.  Instances like OBX Pridefest next month in Nags Head, North Carolina.  As many of us as possible need to support OBX Pridefest and the businesses that are sponsoring the event.  Non-sponsor, go ahead and boycott them.  But PLEASE SUPPORT the event and the businesses that have rejected the bigotry of the 68% of Currituck County that supported Amendment One (immediately to the south Dare County's vote was very close to break even).

Check out the sponsors on the image above and also go to OBX Pridefest's webpage and make your reservations for rentals, lodging and restaurants accordingly.   The Boyfriend and I attended the first OBX Pridefest last year and had an wonderful time.  PLEASE attend this year's event if possible and support the LGBT supportive sponsors of the event.

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