Wednesday, May 09, 2012

More Wednesday Male Beauty

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Anonymous said...

Mike, if I may...
I use my Blogroll to follow blogs that I like, like yours.

When you publish multiple times a day, that's great, but I see the LAST post, and not always the ones that really mean something.

Could/would you consider a separate place for your beauty posts? Honestly, they distract from your main message.

Barring this, would you move your Blog Archive up to the top? It's buried under everything else. I love your posts, but I read so many that having to navigate all over one means I see some, but not all posts.

This is just my opinion. I'm not going anywhere, but I'd love to have a bit more convenience in viewing your blog.

Thanks, Mike!
Peace <3

(and I see that I am punished for this comment by 16 character capchas! Wish me luck!)