Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Karma Can Be A Bitch: Virginia Beach GOP Event Collides With Racist Travel Restrictions

Last year the Virginia Beach resort strip was in an uproar as an unofficial college weekend of students from historically black colleges descended for a weekend that in some instances turned raucous.  In response, as detailed in the Virginian Pilot, this year the Virginia Beach city government  - which leans heavily Republican - has announced that there will be severe restrictions on access to the Virginia Beach oceanfront to avoid a repeat of last year's congestion.   Of course, none of the restrictions being put in place by the Virginia Beach police department are utilized when the influx of students is from historically white colleges.

The irony?  The Republican Party of Virginia Beach which has had its problems with overt racism and seen a party chairman resign and a former chair disgraced due to crude racists "jokes" that reached the media is having its biggest fundraiser of the year for its affiliated women's' clubs - the Star Spangled Ball - this weekend at the oceanfront.  Now, the RPVB is worried that attendees may have difficulty getting to the event.

Karma can indeed be a bitch.  As for my familiarity with the Republican Party of Virginia Beach, I was the original incorporator of the entity when it incorporated and I served as its registered agent for a number of years until I finally severed all ties with the GOP because of its inability to separate Christofascist religious belief from the civil laws.  Personally, I hope the attendees of the Star Spangled Ball have one hell of a hard time getting to the event.

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