Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Southern Baptist Hypocrisy - Compare Gay Marriage Opposition to Abolition Effort

The shocking hypocrisy of the Southern Baptist Convention ("SBC") knows no bounds.  How else to explain the statement made at a panel discussion held at the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty forum that compared the SBC's fight to block same sex marriage to the abolition movement to end slavery.  The problem is that the Baptists who became the SBC opposed abolition and broke from the rest of the Baptist convention because they sought to continue slavery.  They even claimed that the Bible justified slavery - .i.e., it was "biblical."  Here are more details via Joe Jervis:

Evans, a Christian writer, was tweeting from a panel discussion held at the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty forum. Here's the "ironic" history of how the Southern Baptist Convention came to be:
Largely comprised of slaveholders, the gathering at the First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia, in May 1845 publicly pled their case. Slavery was biblical. Therefore abolition was sinful, and Baptists of the North were wrong to oppose slavery. Abolitionists of the North were responsible for the Baptist division; southern Baptists had been patient with the agitators, but enough was enough. Pledging allegiance to slavery, they vowed “we will never interfere with what is Caesar’s” (a biblical allusion implying it was their moral and legal responsibility to uphold the legal institution of slavery). And for good measure, the delegates expressed outrage that a northern Baptist missionary had “actually remitted money to the United States to aid in the assisting of slaves to ‘run away from their masters.’” (See Proceedings of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1845.) From this point forward, white Baptist leaders in the South through the end of the Civil War openly and insistently championed and defended white supremacy and black slavery, along the way migrating into a form of Christian nationalism heretofore foreign to the very Christian denomination that had been the most vocal champions, since the seventeenth century, of the separation of church and state.
Oh, and let's not forget that the SBC strongly opposed desegregation.  One has to wonder why anyone decent and moral pays any attention to these people.  They are liars and bigots and have been since the SBC's founding.

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