Saturday, June 20, 2015

Karl Rove Calls Donald Trump a Complete Idiot

Donald Trump's entry into the GOP presidential clown car promises to bring lots of entertainment value - especially as other Republicans launch attacks on Trump.  Perhaps the highest entertainment, however, will be how Trump may force other candidates to address his racist statements and other batshitery.  Karl Rove - not my favorite person by any means - has joined those attacking Trump and has described Trump as a "complete idiot"  and "moron." The Chicago Sun Times looks at Rove's attacks on Trump.  Here are highlights:
During a visit to Missouri on Monday, noted Republican strategist Karl Rove had some choice words for newly declared presidential candidate Donald Trump.

While speaking at a Missouri Boys State event (which was closed to the media), Rove offered his take on the massive GOP field, which he described as having three “tiers” of candidates.
Trump, according to Rove, is not only a “third tier” candidate, but also a “complete idiot.”

Here’s a full transcript of what Rove said, via the Show Me Progress blog

I do think there are sort of three tiers of candidates. There are three candidates who, in reverse alphabetical order, Walker, Rubio, Bush, or alphabetical order, Bush, Rubio, Walker, or inside out order, Rubio, Walker, Bush, or Rubio Bush, Walker – that’s the top tier. We’re likely to see the nominee come out of that group.

We have a second tier which includes people like Ted Cruz and Governor [Rick] Perry and Ben Carson and maybe a couple of others. And one or two, you know, one or, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum. Maybe one of those gets into the top tier. But right now they’re on the second tier.

And then we’ve got sort of the third tier which are people who really are unlikely to break through. They’re good people, some of them, but they’re unlikely to break through. Or, in the case of Donald Trump, they’re complete idiots. [laughter, applause]    

So, it’s early, but I think the first we’re likely to see somebody win the nomination out of the first tier. And we’re likely to see one or two surprises out of the second tier. And the third tier is gonna be mostly entertaining, except for that guy Trump who’s a complete moron. [laughter] 

Get out the popcorn!! 

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