Saturday, January 04, 2014

Pope Francis: Same-Sex Marriage Is "Anthropological Regression"

All those in the gay community busy fawning over Pope Francis - e.g., Andrew Sullivan - need to get a reality check.  NOTHING has really changed under Francis other than perhaps a change of tone that represents little better than a pope less tone deaf than his predecessor.  And we got a reminder of this reality when Francis reaffirmed his view that gay marriage is an "anthropological regression."  In short, in Francis' mind, we gays are still inherently disordered and inclined towards evil.  Slicker PR does not equate to a change in dogma.  The New Civil Rights Movement reminds us that to the Catholic Church, gays are still not really welcome.  At least not if we refuse to accept who we are and who we love.  Here are highlights:

Pope Francis may have won millions of hearts, including many from the LGBT community, but his positions on church doctrine have not changed. In the almost ten months since Cardinal Bergoglio became Pope Francis I, he has reached out to many communities and garnered support worldwide.
But Pope Francis is still the Pope, and church doctrine is still church doctrine.

So it should come as a surprise to no one that, according to Charles J. Scicluna, the Auxiliary Bishop of Malta, Pope Francis is vehemently against same-sex marriage, and sees it as “regression” for humankind.

Malta, a small European country of less than a half-million people, is currently debating a civil unions bill which includes the right of same-sex couples to adopt. Malta is a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Scicluna reportedly says that in a discussion last month with the 77-year old pontiff, Francis repeated his comments from 2010: same-sex marriage is an “anthropological regression” — a step back for humankind.

“In 2010, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio called same-sex marriage an ‘anti-value and an anthropological regression,’ . . . . Last week, the Times of Malta reported that the Pope was “shocked” by the Civil Unions Bill, “which will allow gay couples to adopt children, Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna has told The Sunday Times of Malta.”
 Gays need to wake up and smell the coffee - NOTHING has changed under Pope Francis.   And as noted before on this blog, he has done NOTHING to rid the Church hierarchy of the bishops and cardinals who aided, abetted and covered up for predator priests who preyed on children and youths.

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