Sunday, May 12, 2013

Straights Struggle When Asked "When Did They Choose to be Straight?"

The Christofascist - and the Catholic Church through its bogus "Courage" program - routinely describe being gay as a "lifestyle choice" as if LGBT people at some point make a conscious decision to be attracted physically and romantically attracted to those of the same gender.   If this were true, then obviously at some point heterosexuals must make a conscious decision to be "straight."  Yet when a number of straights were asked to cite when they made the choice to be straight, they could not answer they question.  They never made a "choice" at all - it simply is what they were.  Of course, the same holds true for gays.  We never decided to be homosexual.  We simple are what we are.  If there is any choice involved at all, it is one of when we decide to cease trying to be what we can never be.  Huffington Post looks at the individuals who were asked in 2008 "when did you decide to be straight":
The "man-on-street" interview is rarely an insightful exercise in news gathering, but sometimes it can be a revealing window into American culture -- like in the video above, where residents of a small Colorado town are asked, "When did you choose to be straight?"

The video features advertising executive and amateur photographer Travis Nuckolls and Buzzfeed Labs' Chris Baker asking a bunch of straight people about homosexuality. Many of those interviewed say they think being gay "depends on upbringing" and "has a lot to do with development." But when the question gets flipped and the subjects are asked when they decided to be straight, they struggle to find an answer. 

"That's a good call," says one man, laughing nervously. "I didn't choose to be." 

Not all those interviewed say they think being gay is a choice, however. In perhaps the most profound comment in the video, one woman sums up her views about "choosing" to be gay: "If [gay people] were gonna choose a lifestyle, that's not one they would have chosen. It's too difficult."

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