Thursday, May 16, 2013

More on Lawlessness in Norfolk - Is Mayor Fraim Paying Any Attention?

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim
Yesterday I wrote a follow up post on the out of control crime wave that is gripping parts of the City of Norfolk, particularly around the Old Dominion University campus near my property.  The mayor and City Council are pouring many millions of dollars into a new hotel development - over the protest of existing hotels - while slashing funding for neighborhood preservation and doing nothing to address the greatly under staffed police force.  I had a lengthy conversation with the head of the Third Patrol of the police force and got a lot of blather about being patient, waiting for the "process to work," etc.   Meanwhile the situation is worsening although the City Attorney's office can still find time to harass small business owners, especially those of Arabic descent.  It's a frightening state of affairs and as the Virginian Pilot reports, the shooting of an 11 year old boy two nights ago was "random."  Yep, thugs and gang members running around with guns and firing off shots at will.  That's why my family members have evacuated to Virginia Beach and why my residence is going up for sale ASAP.   Here are highlights from today's Virginian Pilot article:
An 11-year-old boy who was shot in the foot while walking in a neighborhood Tuesday appears to have been a random target, police said.

The boy was walking on 31st Street near Colley Avenue about 9:20 p.m. when someone in a dark sedan with tinted windows began firing, police spokesman Chris Amos said. The boy began running and felt a sting in his foot, Amos said.

He was treated for a minor bullet injury. Officers recovered shell casings from the street.
Welcome to Mayor Paul Fraim's Norfolk.  As for the perpetrators of the shooting being caught, don't hold your breath.  Forensics confirm where the gunfire that hit my home came from and neither the tenant of the property nor the landlords have met with any consequence.   The city is headed back to the old days where its not safe to be in some neighborhoods even in broad daylight.  Thanks a lot City Council and Mayor Fraim.  Norfolk desperately needs a clean sweep of City Council.

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