Thursday, April 25, 2013

AFA's Bryan Fischer: Gays Should Face Job Discrimination

It is amazing how the "godly Christian" crowd do all in their power to stigmatize gays and make our lies Hell, yet disclaim any responsibility for gay teen suicides or, worse yet, blame our sexual orientation for our plight rather than recognize the soul killing damage the non-stop campaign of hater takes upon its targets.  And the Christofascists just keep piling on with the anti-gay  hatred.  A case in point: AFA's Bryan Fischer who is applauding the firing of a lesbian Catholic school teacher  who was "outed" when her mother's obituary mentioned her partner.  Right Wing Watch looks at the hate and bigotry flowing from AFA which is rightly a registered hate group:

As part of Bryan Fischer’s attempts to “reclaim the ‘D’ word” — discrimination — the American Family Association spokesman is praising a Catholic school in Ohio which fired a teacher after she named her partner in her mother’s obituary.

“The school discriminated against this teacher, yes they absolutely did and they should have,” Fischer said, “they were absolutely right to do it…. It is right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior, we should discriminate against people like that.”

Fischer maintained that the school was right to discriminate against her “immoral sexual behavior” in the same way “we discriminate against shoplifters.”

As I have said before, it is far past time that the public treat far right Christians with any deference or respect.  They are mean, nasty and despicable individuals.

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