Friday, January 11, 2013

Hand Cuffed Illinois Priest Was Engaged in Bondage

We all knew that there was more to the story of the Illinois Catholic priest who had to call 911 to secure release from hand cuffs and a some sort of gag in his mouth.  Like many, I suspected the situation arose from some sort of kinky sex or other bizarre goings on.  Turns out my suspicions were on point.  The good Father Tom Donovan, pastor of St. Aloysius Church on Springfield’s north end was wearing not just handcuffs, but a “leather bondage-type mask with a bar in his mouth.  Not surprisingly, Bishop Thomas Paprocki  - who granted Donovan a leave of absence - chose not to face the press.

The irony is that we have Catholic bishops like Paprocki trying to inflict their religious beliefs on all citizens and deny same sex couples CIVIL law rights, and yet their own house is a cesspool. I ponder again as to why anyone even bothers to listen to the Catholic bishops anymore.  Between the sex abuse scandal cover ups and crap like this weird instance it is clear that they have no moral standing themselves whatsoever.

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Theaterdog said...

Happy New Year
Michael to you and yours. I don't comment but visit everyday happy you are still blogging.
Today, I had a chuckle...on this serious sick as it is, as you so well state...but how in the hell did the guy get to his Cell phone? LOL
Best wishes from Paris