Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quote of the Day: Dan Savage on the Fallibility of the Bible

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In the image above, Dan Savage asks an important question.  It's a question that ultimately goes to the heart of religious based bigotry against LGBT individuals and our rights.  Namely, if the Bible was so wrong on the issue of slavery, how can it be deemed trustworthy on anything else? It also means that if the Bible is wrong about sexuality and sexual orientation, it becomes pretty clear that NONE of it is really reliable and that causes the Christianists' whole house of cards faith construct to collapse.  Which in turn means that they (i) must think for themselves rather than being told like children, and (ii) formulate their own moral standards.  This prospect scares the living crap out of them and they attack gays because we are living examples of their false and artificial world.

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