Sunday, June 26, 2016

UK Conservatives Are Realizing They Made a Huge Mistake in Brexit Vote

Many of these idiots unknowingly just cut their own economic throats

There are some who are arguing that the results of the Brexit vote in Britain shows that Donald Trump will be victorious in November.  Such predictions, however, over look the fact that many in Britain who voted to leave the European Union are already realizing that they may have made a huge mistake.  Like Republicans in America, the forces calling for Britain to leave the EU played upon racism, anti-immigrant paranoia and xenophobia to win passage and, sadly, too many low information voters - note, I refrain from calling them stupid even id such is the case  - fell for such ploys.  Cornwall, one British county that voted overwhelmingly to leave the UK has already begun to realize that that voters may have cut their own economic throats.   It seems that as part of the EU, Cornwall received significantly more funding than it sent out.  With the exit from the EU, such monies will cease and the result on Cornwall will not be pretty. 

There are significant parallels to this reality in America.  While red states rail against federal government spending and want programs cut for "freeloaders," the reality is that the very same states are largely supported by federal funds.  Funds that disguise the fact - at least among low information/intelligence voters - that their states are economic basket cases in some instances and it is only the inflow of federal funds that keep much of the citizenry out of complete poverty.  Adding to the irony is the fact that "liberal" states that the GOP and its knuckle dragging, rabble like party base constantly malign are the ones that are providing the funds that keep the red states from collapsing.  The take away is that were Trump to win in November and many of the GOP cuts to federal programs be realized, it is the red states who would be most devastated should they get what they claim they want.  These highlights from the Washington Post show how Cornwall residents may have just royally shot themselves in the head without realizing it until too late:  
LONDON — On Thursday, 56 percent of all voters in the southwestern county of Cornwall voted in favor of leaving the European Union. It was a decision supported by a majority of the county's members of Parliament.
But only one day later, Cornwall residents were asking, "What have we done?"
The county is heavily dependent on the more than 60 million British pounds ($82 million) in E.U. subsidies per year that are transferred to the region and that have helped finance infrastructure projects and education schemes. Now, county officials are panicking — fearing the worst for the county's future and wondering why one of the most E.U.-dependent counties in Britain voted against the E.U. — and its money.
Cornwall can hardly afford to go without the annual E.U. transfers or equivalent compensations by the British government: The county with more than 500,000 inhabitants is considered one of Britain's poorest regions, and experts say further funding cuts could be catastrophic.
In a 2014 study by research community Civitas found that impoverished counties such as Cornwall would have most to lose from Brexit. The E.U. particularly supports poorer regions and member states with its subsidies — which is why the poorest in Britain may feel the lack of money being transferred from Brussels most.
"Cornwall is a major beneficiary of EU spending so if Britain were to leave then the Treasury would have to take great care in ensuring its local economy was not crippled as a result," Jonathan Lindsell, one of the study's authors, explained in an interview with the Western Morning News after the study was published in 2014.
But such warnings did not deter Cornwall residents from voting for Brexit.  "Leave" campaigners had previously reassured the county that it would not lose any subsidies if it left the E.U. However, Cornwall officials are now worried that such reassurances might have been little more than ill-thought-out promises.
Cornwall officials' fears are not unjustified: Only hours after helping to convince the British to vote for Brexit, the leader of the U.K. Independence Party, Nigel Farage, appeared to show uncertainty whether all promises would be kept.
Some Brexit supporters had previously told voters that the $470 million the British allegedly transfers to the E.U. each week would be allocated to the national health-care system in case of a Brexit.
Besides immigration, the desolate state of Britain's health-care system (NHS) significantly contributed to anti-E.U. anger, as Euroskeptics blamed the European Union for costing the country too much and wasting resources that could be spent domestically.
But on Friday, Farage suddenly said it was a "mistake" to have promised allocating $470 million to the NHS and distanced himself from that campaign slogan, saying he had never agreed to it.
I feel sorry for children and others that may end up being severely harmed bu the Brexit vote, but part of me wants to see the cretins who fell for calls to racism, anti-Muslim hysteria, and other types of misogyny to truly suffer for their own bigotry and stupidity,  

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