Sunday, June 26, 2016

James Dobson Does Contortions to Support Donald Trump

I've never viewed George Will as inherently evil and his departure from the Republican Party indicates that he retains some level of morality and decency.  In sharp contrast is James Dobson, a man who has been marketing anti-LGBT hatred for decades and who truly makes the Pharisees of the New Testament look like pillars of honesty and decency.  As Will has made the moral decision to leave the GOP, Dobson has engaged in mental and opportunist contortions to find a way to endorse Donald Trump who met with Dobson and other hate group leaders this past week. The full degree of Dobson's hypocrisy and disingenuousness is his pronouncement that Trump "recently accepted a relationship with Christ."  Pardon me momentarily as I run to the bathroom to vomit!!!  The only positive aspect of Dobson's backing of Trump is that it makes it all the more difficult for those who still want to stick their heads in the sand to ignore the fact that there are few more un-Christian and dishonest than those of the professional Christian class.  The nastiest whores and prostitutes have more integrity than James Dobson and his fellow Christofascists.  A piece in Politico looks at Dobson's willing self-prostitution to Trump.  Here are excerpts:
Donald Trump: Born-again Christian? The presumptive Republican nominee captured a significant number of evangelical voters during the Republican primary, and that may be due to recently accepting “a relationship with Christ,” according to evangelical leader James Dobson.
Trump met with hundreds of evangelical leaders in New York earlier this week, and while some well-known figures — such as Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell Jr. — have endorsed the candidate, others are more hesitant to do so.
 However, Dobson, a Christian psychologist and founder of the Focus on the Family group, said he knows “the person who led [Trump] to Christ. And that’s fairly recent.” “I don’t know when it was, but it has not been long,” Dobson said in an interview with Pennsylvania megachurch pastor Michael Anthony following that meeting in New York. ”I believe he really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian.” Of the meeting, Dobson — who was previously critical of Trump — said, "I certainly liked what I saw today," POLITICO previously reported.
“I’ve been a Christian, and I love Christianity and the evangelicals have been so incredibly supportive,” Trump said in the private session with evangelicals this week, according to audio obtained by POLITICO. “Don’t forget, when I ran, and all of a sudden I went to states that were highly evangelical, like as an example, South Carolina, and they said, ‘Well, Trump won’t win this state because it’s evangelical’ … not only did I win, I won in a landslide.”

Dobson and Trump deserve each other.  Both are narcissists - although Trump takes it to a far higher level - and utterly dishonest.  Over the years there has been no lie to big or too file for Dobson to pass up if it furthers his agenda of turning America into a Christian theocracy - a theocracy in which, of course, Dobson will play a leading role.  Both Trump and Dobson are despicable human beings. 

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