Sunday, October 19, 2014

Endangered Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Rallies Against Same-Sex Marriage

Tawdry political whore, Sam Brownback
Previous blog posts have noted how GOP Gov. Sam Brownback has turned the state of Kansas into one of the nation's economic basket cases by implementing a host of failed GOP policies.  The result is that Brownback may seriously lose his re-election bid and possibly take down a GOP U.S. Senator with him.  Faced with these circumstances what does a "godly Christian" like Brown back do?  He shameless panders to the Christofacist vote even though the protests that Brownback helped rally are already a lost cause.  Other than inflaming spittle flecked, knuckle dragging Christofascists, Brownback's grandstanding is an exercises in futility in terms of stopping same sex marriage in Kansas. looks at Brownbak's willing self-prostitution.  Here are highlights:
Gay marriage has been a hot issue for a long time now, but several major developments in the last few weeks are turning it into one of the key issues this election season.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court decided not to hear several state appeals on over-turned bans on gay marriage.

That prompted one Kansas judge to order clerks to issue licenses to same-sex couples, a move the State Supreme Court recently halted.

Early this morning, Governor Sam Brownback spoke out against same-sex marriage at a rally on the east side of Wichita.

The Whistle Bus Stop Tour rally this morning brought dozens of speakers out, all of which oppose same-sex marriage in Kansas.

The rally was also met by opposition of those who feel Kansas needs to get on-board with many other states in the country and allow same-sex couples the same liberties.

More than one hundred people packed the Summit Church parking lot this morning to take a stance on same-sex marriage.

With the ruling handed down in Wyoming yesterday, Kansas is the only state in the 10th U.S. circuit court of appeals where the ban is still in place.
 Note the pathetically small crowd, some of which opposed the Christofascists.  Brownback must be truly getting desperate.

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