Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Cheneys' Call for Permanent War

Evil incarnate
In my book few politicians are more despicable than the megalomaniac Dick Cheney who seemingly wants America to be engaged in a permanent war - apparently so that Cheney can make vasts amounts of money through his holdings in Halliburton.  Yes, the same Halliburton that made out like a bandit on the disastrous Iraq War.  A war that Dick Cheney - and his douche bag daughter - thinks the USA needs to restart.  Why the mainstream media gives these foul individuals a platform defies belief. The man needs to be treated as an outcast.  The Daily Beast looks at this nasty and despicable duo and the venom they are spewing.  Here are excerpts:
Today comes the announcement that the ex-insurgent Senate candidate—you know, the one who thought her sister shouldn’t be allowed to get married—and her dad have founded a new nonprofit, the Alliance for a Strong America, “because we know that America’s security depends upon reversing President Obama’s policies.”

This organization is necessary, we’re told by Liz and father Dick in their eye-popping Wall Street Journal op-ed, because Barack Obama has “diminished and weakened” America. The top threat we need to wake up to? Al Qaeda—in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria. And, of course, the killing of four Americans almost three years ago in Benghazi, about which the president has “repeatedly misled us.”

Discredited voices get just as much love from the First Amendment as creditable ones, so the Cheneys can say whatever they want. But it’s worth stopping to reflect on the audacity it takes someone who left office with an approval rating below 20 percent to interject himself so aggressively into public discourse—on policies whose public support is almost as low.

If all this sounds familiar to you, you are right—and you also pay far too much attention to the employment needs of ex-Bush administration officials. Seems like just yesterday—2009, in fact—that Liz Cheney, along with Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame (whose brother died on 9/11), founded Keep America Safe, which aimed to “make the case for an unapologetic approach to fighting terrorism around the world, for victory in the wars this country fights, for democracy and human rights, and for a strong American military that is needed in the dangerous world in which we live.”
It may say everything we need to know about Keep America Safe’s success rate that I hadn’t realized until this morning that it was defunct.

Cheney and Chimperator Bush sent thousands of young Americans to needless deaths.  In addition, they caused the deaths of thousands and thousands of Iraqi civilians, authorized torture and violations of the Geneva Conventions  and bankrupted America in the process. Dick Cheney needs to be put on trial for war crimes and if convicted,might merit a death sentence.  Frankly, I can't think of anything that would make senior America political figures to shape up more than seeing someone like Cheney executed for war crimes.

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