Monday, June 16, 2014

New York State Takes First Step to Ban "Ex-gay" Therapy

Following the lead of California and New Jersey, New York State has taken the first step to ban "ex-gay" conversion or reparative therapy - a form of therapy condemned by every legitimate medical and mental health association in America.  As noted before, the only proponents of "ex-gay" therapy are the Christofascists who utilize it to (i) raise money by preying on tortured gays and their families and (ii) dupe ignorance embracing politicians - generally Republicans.   The legislation still must pass the state senate where Republicans will seek to kill it, but it is clearly a step in the right direction.  Here are some details from The New Civil Rights Movement:
The New York State Assembly late this afternoon passed a bill that would ban so-called “ex-gay” or “reparative” therapy to be attempted on minors. The legislation, sponsored by Assembly Member Deborah J. Glick and Democratic State Senators Brad Hoylman and Michael Gianaris, passed in an 86-28 vote. The Senate has until Thursday to pass the bill before the session ends. If the bill passes the Senate, Gov. Cuomo is expected to sign it into law, making New York the third state — after California and New Jersey — to pass landmark legislation of this kind.
“It shall be professional misconduct for a mental health professional to engage in sexual orientation change efforts upon any patient under the age of eighteen years,” the legislation reads.
“We’re thrilled by the rapid progress and bipartisan support this bill has earned during this session. We are hopeful that we can see this legislation signed into law this year. We call on the New York State Senate to follow the example of their Assembly colleagues, as well as leaders in New Jersey and California, the medical community, and public opinion, by passing this bill now so we can put it on Governor Cuomo’s desk for a signature.” said Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Nathan M. Schaefer in a statement.

 Sen. Hoylman called today’s passage “a major step towards banning so-called conversion ‘therapy’ on LGBT youth by licensed mental health professionals. Being an LGBT young person isn’t an illness that needs to be cured. Thanks to the leadership of Assembly Member Glick and Speaker Silver, we’re one step closer to joining New Jersey and California in protecting our kids from being subject to this dangerous practice and their parents from being victims of a proven scam.”
I can already hear the shrieks of the "ex-gays for pay" at PFOX and other Christofascist front organization who make tawdry whores look virtuous in comparison. 

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