Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Health Insurers Plan To Debunk GOP's 'Rigged' Obamacare Study

I just finished my May, 2014, column for VEER Magazine which looks at the issue of Medicaid expansion in Virginia.  Much of the column looks at the lies and disinformation that is now the norm in terms of GOP talking points and "studies."   Rather than met countervailing arguments with facts and objective evidence, the GOP has a new standard modus operandi: lie and/or cook study results just like Mark Regnerus in his infamous anti-gay parenting farce.  The truth simply doesn't matter in today's GOP.  As Talking Points Memo notes, a number of health insurance companies seem poised to expose the lie in a new GOP "study" that sought to discredit enrollments under the Affordable health Care Act.  Here are highlights:
Dennis Matheis, a vice president at WellPoint, one of the nation's largest insurers, plans to point out the payment percentage is much higher if you count only the payments that have actually come due, up to 90 percent:
The percentage of applicants that have paid a premium will differ depending on whether the percentage is calculated based on the total number of applications and premium payments received during this entire time period (roughly 70 percent) or is calculated based on the total number of applications and premium payments received for policies whose premium deadline has passed (ranging up to 90 percent depending on the state).
Paul Wingle, an executive at Aetna, plans to make the same point, estimating his company's customers are paying at better-than-80-percent clip:
For those who had reached their payment due date, the payment rate, though dynamic, has been in the low- to mid-80 percent range.
A third industry witness, J. Darren Rodgers of Health Care Services Corp., plans to stress that the last segment of payment data "is not yet complete given that deadlines for all of those policies may not yet have passed."
I once was proud to be a Republican.  Now I find myself embarrassed to have ever been involved in the GOP.  Truth, logic, honesty, reason,  have all gone out the window and I remain convinced that the decline of those values directly correlates to the rise of the Christofascists in the GOP base.  To be a GOP elected official requires that one be little more than a pathologically lying whore.

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