Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NARTH - A Leading "Ex-Gay" Proponent - Loses Its Tax Exempt Status

One of the principal manufacturers of the fraudulent "research" and "expert testimony" to support the lie that gays can "change" their sexual orientation and that, therefore, being gay is a "choice" is the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality ("NARTH").   Happily, as Warren Throckmorton reports, NARTH has had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS for failure to file file IRS Form 990 for three consecutive years.  One can only speculate as to why the required filings were not made, but among the possibilities is the fact that NARTH may have been seeking to hide the source(s) of its funding - much as has been witnessed with the National Organization for Marriage ("NOM") which many suspect is a front for the Roman Catholic Church.  In the case of NARTH, financial supporters are likely to comprise a who's who of anti-gay Christofascst organizations.  Here are highlights from Throckmorton's blog:

In September 2012, the tax exempt status of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) was revoked due to failure to file Form 990 for three consecutive years. The notice of revocation was yesterday according to the IRS website.

Even though the full name of the organization is not listed, the Employee Identification Number and address match up with the 2009 990 form. A call to the IRS also confirmed it.

NARTH’s website advises prospective donors that their donations will be tax deductible but it appears such deductions after September 15, 2012 may not be allowed.

It is difficult to know what this means. NARTH has never been a wealthy organization and conference attendance has declined in recent years. Members are hoping to maintain their ability to conduct reparative therapy with minors in CA via lawsuits against the state to overturn SB 1172 (see this article for more on SB 1172 and then NARTH’s perspective). NARTH has been actively soliciting donations to help support their legal actions. One would not be able to tell from the website that those donations are not deductible.

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