Sunday, May 02, 2010

Richmond Sunday

A group of us (12 of us in fact)went to the drag brunch at Godfrey's today - it was the first time I had every been and it was lots of fun. The club has been doing the brunch for a number of years and it is so popular that if you do not have reservations you will not get in. Surprisingly, we gays were in the minority and the brunch is very popular with bridal shower and bachelorette groups, not to mention a varied assortment of straight clientele. The food was good, our waiter adorable and the drag queens were over the top.
In some ways, the brunch and the clientele mix are a microcosm of the South's love-hate relationship with gays. We face all kinds of legal discrimination and religious based bigotry, yet it is the gay community that provides the hair salons, florists, many of the restaurants, decorators and other amenities providers that make life more tolerable and gracious. And of course, no one throws a wilder, more fun party than the gays.
For anyone visiting Richmond, the club located at 803 Grace Street looks like a great place to go and dance on a Saturday night and the brunch - there are now two seatings at 11:00 AM and 2:00PM because of the demand - is definitely a fun flourish for late Sunday morning or early afternoon.

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