Saturday, May 08, 2010

Another Wedding Wedding Weekend

UPDATED: The wedding was indeed a wonderful affair and the ceremony in the Wren Chapel (pictured above) was beautifuly done. The Chapel is part of the Sir Christopher Wren building at William & Mary and dates from 1695, making it the oldest university building in the United States. The reception back at the Williamsburg Winery was both elegant and a great party. As is usual, the boyfriend had many clients there besides the bride.

The boyfriend is doing hairstyling for another wedding this weekend and we are currently in the Aquitaine Suite (pictured above) at Wedmore Place at the Williamsburg Winery where he is doing the bride and wedding party's hair. The wedding itself will be at the Wren Chapel at the College of William & Mary, with the reception back at the Winery this evening. We have visited Wedmore place before for another wedding a little over a year ago and it's gorgeous. The website describes the Inn as follows:
Each room was themed in the style of a different European province, not only in the selection of colors and furnishings, but also the wall hangings and decoration. All rooms have a fireplace, individual floor designs from Spanish tiles to walnut parquet, 10’ ceilings and king size beds. The style of each room reflects not only a different geographical area but also different periods of history; from the Corinthian room inspired by the classic Greek forms of Antiquity featuring a large marble statue, Corinthian columns, large white ceramic tiling on the floor, to the rustic room recalling the Shakespearean times with a four poster bed next to the eaves in the wood paneled Cotswold room.
I highly recommend the Inn to anyone traveling to the Williamsburg area who want an elegant experience and close proximity to the historic sites at Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.
The wedding and reception should be a good time and as always, the boyfriend's clients are very welcoming and accepting of us as a couple - always include us in the guest list. Its our opportunity to interact with other guests and potentially open minds to what a gay couple is really like as opposed to the stereotypes our enemies try to project of us. I continue believe that being out and genuine are the strongest weapons against bigotry.

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