Tuesday, April 28, 2015

North Dakota Anti-Gay Republican Outed

Once again we find a stridently anti-gay Republican getting outed while soliciting gay sex.  The story line never seems to change: extreme anti-gay voting records and horrible anti-gay rhetoric in public, trolling for gay sex in private.  The hypocrisy is off the charts.  I totally agree with the so-called Barney Frank rule: "People have a right to privacy but not to hypocrisy."  North Dakota Republican state representative Randy Boehning sadly had it coming.  At the risk of sounding really shallow (or anti-bear), the most frightening aspect of the story given Boehning's girth and general unattractiveness is the thought of the "unsolicited photo of his penis" that he sent out.  The Bilerico Project has more details.  Here are highlights:
North Dakota Republican state representative Randy Boehning has a history of voting against the LGBT community, but that hasn't stopped him from cruising hookup apps looking for gay sex. Natch.

As with all hypocrites, Boehning got his comeuppance once the truth was revealed.
The exchange came to light when Dustin Smith, a 21-year-old Bismarck man with no known connections to the Capitol, contacted The Forum earlier this month, saying he recognized Boehning from a gay dating smartphone app called Grindr. Chatting under the user name Top Man!, Boehning sent Smith sexually suggestive messages and, in the early morning hours of March 12, an unsolicited photo of his penis, according to exchanges reviewed by The Forum.
"How can you discriminate against the person you're trying to pick up?" Smith said in a recent interview.
When first questioned about the messages two weeks ago, Boehning declined to comment on whether he sent the explicit photo and messages.
But on Saturday he confirmed he was Top Man! and said he doesn't think sending a graphic photo of himself to a stranger is a lapse in judgment, as Grindr is an adult site where users often exchange such images.
It's very reminiscent of former Virginia 2nd District Congressman Ed Schrock who had one of the most anti-gay voting records in Congress while using the old MegaPhone site to troll for gay sex.  At least Boehning had the integrity, unlike Schrock, to fess up.

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