Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rank Republican Dishonesty

Mark Obenshain - An Anti-Woman Liar
With the Virginia 2013 elections now just two weeks away, the political ads on the airwaves are becoming overwhelming.  Most annoying and disgusting are those being run by Ken Cuccinelli which seem to prove that no one lies more than the self-anointed Christianist crowd.  Only in their alternate universe can lying be "telling the truth."  Among Cuccinelli's ads is one that strives to give the impression that the Washington Post has criticized Terry McAuliffe and backs Cuccinelli.  The truth, of course, is that the Post endorsed McAuliffe, not Cuccinelli.  Not that this fact would ever be known from Cuccinelli's ad.

Perhaps the most outrageous ad is one being run by Mark Obenshain which claims that Democrat Mark Herring has "lied about" Obenshain's record in the Virginia Senate where Obenshain claims he has a consistent record of "protecting women."   The truth is that Herring's ads have been 100% accurate on what Obenshain's true record is - which is apparently what is so damaging that it has prompted Obenshain's prissy conniption fit.  Let's review what Obenshain's record is really all about:

1.  Miscarriage Bill: Sponsoring a bill that would send women to prison for a year if they had a miscarriage without a doctor in attendance and failed to notify local police of the miscarriage within 24 hours.  

2. Personhood Amendment: Obenshain was a sponsor and champion of a bid to amend Virginia's constitution to give a fertilized egg all of the rights of a citizen from the moment of conception.  This would have the effect of outlawing all abortions in all circumstances, including rape and incest.  It would also outlaw many forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization.

3. Transvaginal Ultrasound: Governor Bob McDonnell got the name "Governor Ultrasound" thanks to Virginia GOP backed legislation that would have required women to have an invasive ultrasound before they could seek an abortion.  Under Virginia's current rape statute, the procedure would have constituted rape.  Obenshain was a sponsor and supporter of this legislation.

4. Religious Based Discrimination: Obenshain has been a true foot soldier of the Christofascist at The Family Foundation and supports discrimination in adoption and foster parent placement based on applicant's religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

Frankly, it is difficult in any world based on objective reality to see where these measures constitute "protecting women."  This extreme record based on Obenshain's record is what Mark Herring has focused upon.  It is all documented by Obenshain's legislative votes and actions.  It's no lie.  The lie is what Obenshain is trying to say to Virginians in his thoroughly untrue ads against Mark Herring.

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BJohnM said...

Let's be clear...I agree with you that these measures are about as anti-woman as it gets, BUT...in the minds of Christofacists, I assure you, they believe they are "protecting" women with this kind of crap.

So, I get where you're going, but in their world, he can truly say he's protecting women, and the sheeple believe it.