Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Herring Ad Highlights What VA Newspapers Are Saying About Mark Obenshain

Earlier I wrote about GOP Attorney General candidates lies and conniption fits about Mark Herring's ads that highlight Obenshain's true record.   And that record has been published by leading newspapers around Virginia, so it is not just something that has been fabricated by the Herring campaign.  I will be candid.  I have no use whatsoever for liars and hypocrites.  Obenshain's documented history shows that he is an extremist who is out to keep Virginia's women a subservient class that lacks the right to make decisions relating to their own bodies.  His reaction and despicable ad claiming that Mark Herring is "lying" about Obenshain's record confirms that the liar in this picture is Obenshain.  When he was backing all of these extreme, anti-women bills and proposed amendments, perhaps Obenshain should have though how those outside of his far right senate district would view his actions.   Blue Virginia quotes the Herring campaign on its effort to expose the real Mark Obenshain:
"Our latest ad highlights what news organizations are saying about Mark Obenshain - that he is going to continue Ken Cuccinelli's ideological agenda, focused on telling women what they can and can't do with their bodies," said Kevin O'Holleran, campaign manager for Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring. "Virginians are tired of the extreme Tea Party approach of Mark Obenshain and Ken Cuccinelli. Mark Herring will take the politics out of the office and put the law - and Virginians - first."
One can only assume that Obenshain believes that Virginian's are so stupid that they will believe his false shrieks of "lies" when his track record and extreme agenda is in full view for anyone who makes even a slight effort to check it out.  Obenshain is nasty individual and sadly an all too typical "godly Christian" liar.

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