Monday, April 23, 2012

Christianist Facebook Group Plots Cyber Attack on Gays

Before I severely limited the ability to leave comments on this blog I quickly learned that no one spews hate and threats of violence more than the "godly Christian" crowd.  And then, of course, there are the ad nausea death threats that would warn me of impending harm.  Once, the power service to my office - which can be easily located since I have a business card on this blog - was vandalized and I could not help but wonder why only my office had suffered an attack.  Now, my blogger friend Alvin McEwen has discovered a secret Facebook group called TRUTH4TIME where plots and strategies for attacking gays and LGBT blogs are shared.  As Alvin reports, some of the group members include:

  • a Fox News pundit,
  • former employees of Concerned Women for America and The Family Research Council,
  • a prominent member of the American Family Association,
  • long term anti-gay activists, including those who testified in front of Congress,
  • prominent members of the so-called "ex-gay" movement,
  • a member of a state legislature, 
  • college professors from right-wing universities,
  • activists who have called for laws declaring homosexuality illegal,
  • members of a prominent anti-gay marriage equality group, and
  • various religious right talking heads who us bloggers have had to refute many times in the past.
Obviously, telling the truth has nothing to do with this group or its members. Here are some other highlights from Alvin's post:

Based upon information I received from an anonymous source, there is a project afoot by members of the religious right to strike at the gay community via sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

This project is conducted by a secret Facebook group called Truth4Time. According to the creator of the group (whose name shall remain anonymous because he is not a public figure), Truth4Time is supposed to be a library of anti-gay articles, blogs, and other materials for its members to use in their fight against the supposed "gay agenda." Apparently the group has a large lists of documents which contains anti-gay information (i.e. propaganda) that members are invited to use. The founder says that the group is supposed to be a sort of a "behind the scenes support system for the religious right. He seems to think that he is on some type of divine mission.

I should also add that I did not steal this information. A member of the group - who has been disturbed by the comments and plans of this group  - freely gave me this information. The member in question was especially disturbed by a plan (whether it will come to fruition or not) to bombard physicians and school boards with negative and distorted information about the gay community.
As I have noted many times in the past, if a Christianist's lips are moving, the safest assumption is that he or she is lying - and lying deliberately.

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