Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anti-Gay Facebook Group Includes Who's Who of Christianists

I wrote yesterday how blogger Alvin McEwen had discovered a private Facebook group with a mission of attacking the LGBT community and trashing LGBT blogs.  In his initial post, Alvin did not name names.  Today that changed as he released names in a post and took to SiriusXM to name names on the anti-gay Facebook group.  Here are highlight's from Alvin's follow up post:

 Some members of the religious right are no doubt raising hell amongst themselves about my Truth4Time, yesterday, looking at each other with heightened suspicion.

Like I actually care that these folks are anger. To paraphrase one of my favorite television show characters, their anger only makes the lgbtq community stronger. And I recommend that folks not get discouraged at these groups and the phony facts they attempt to throw out. The gist of the matter is that my post yesterday gave some of these folks a deserved kick where it counts.  And if any of them are reading this post, please be aware that your plans are being watched.

Now - cheap plug time - if you haven't heard the interview I had yesterday with Michelangelo Signorile in regards to the secret Facebook group Truth4Time, please take a listen again:  

The names I listed include:

Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern
Peter LaBarbera
Bradlee Dean
Matt Barber
Scott Lively
Jennifer Morse
Maggie Gallagher
Brian Brown
Phyllis Schafly

These are the people listed as members of this organization. Now how they got involved the group or whether they are fully involved in the group is for them to say. That's not my problem.  But knowing these folks, they will probably ignore this controversy, hoping that it goes away.

That's all very well, but it's like I said before. There are members of the lgbtq community more savvy than those in the past. And while we don't march or shout, we plot and plan because we have to. Our very survival depends upon it.  And to the religious right - your plans are being watched.


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Nelson G said...

I dont believe there is anything super secretive about the group. The guy who runs it is an anti-gay blogger on Tumblr and active commenter on ReNew America. And as for those private citizens McEwen wouldn't name, it turns out that while they may not be household names in Queer America, they're not exactly private.