Friday, January 04, 2008

My Readers - Preparing for a Move to Canada

One of my readers and fellow bloggers is having some sport with me over Huckabee's win in Iowa since I have previously commented that if Huckabee were to be elected President, I would seriously consider leaving the USA. Ranging from comments on the weather in Toronto to all matter of things he was having a great time. Here's part of his instructions to me:

In getting ready to move to Canada, you'll need to know a few key phrases...

"That'll look some friggin' nice on the patio, eh"
"double double"
"bugger off" (everyone appreciates the English version of fuck off)
"colder than a witch's tit"

And so many others you'll just have to learn as we undo your yankee brainwashing.

As I said, hopefully the GOP establishment will knee cap Huckabee and his Iowa showing will be a fluke. Speaking of Huckabee, I posted a comment to his campaign website via the blog page asking why as a gay American I should not fear his candidacy. So far my comment has been not been published on the website - I suspect they are censoring the comments - nor have I received any acknowledgment of my posting. Should my comment get actually published on his website or I receive a response, I will let readers know. I am NOT going to hold my breath. In Huckabee's world, gays are supposed to be invisible or disappear.

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