Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bulletin to Mitt Romney: There ARE Two Americas

In watching the news last evening, I saw a clip of Mitt Romney taking John Edwards to task for making statements at campaign appearances that there are two Americas. Romney somewhat nastily said there is only one America.
Mitt, I hate to tell you, but there are TWO Americas: "Wealthy America" from which you come and "Regular America" made up of average people struggling to survive in an increasingly hostile economic environment. Mitt, people like you who grew up surrounded by wealth and immense financial security have no concept of what it is like to worry each month whether or not you will be able to meet all your bills, be you a small business owner or a family with children who need to be fed, clothed and educated. Mitt, cushioned by your family's fortune, you will never know the sense of fear and worry these other Americans experience on a regular basis. These other Americans are the ones who are using credit cards to pay their heating bills and other essential expenses because they do not have enough money from the jobs which either are low paying or generate salaries that have not kept up with inflation. Right now, thousands and thousands of American families are losing there homes, many probably due to job loss or a medical emergency that have wiped them out financially. Do you - who will never be faced with this eventuality - have any concept of what they are feeling and experiencing? I doubt it.
Mitt, we have suffered through seven years of the Chimperator who has no concept of reality. The last thing this country needs is four or more years of another President who doesn't get it and understand what most Americans experience. Your comments to John Edwards confirm that you are clueless.

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