Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hampton Roads' Local Embarrassment, Pat Robertson Makes Prophesies

Why can't this buffoon simply keep his mouth shut? The Virginian Pilot is reporting ( that local blow hard and Christianist, Pat Robertson, is running his mouth with predictions for 2008 notwithstanding that his record for 2007 was not so good. Every time this man speaks I cringe at having him connected to this area. Thank God most news reports generally reference Virginia Beach as his location rather than Norfolk. I cannot believe having this man or Regent University is a positive when the local economic development teams go out seeking to recruit progressive business to relocate to the area. As for his predictions, I think I could safely make some of them with no need to consult God. Amazingly, he apparently did not blame gays for any predicted misfortunes in the coming year. Here are highlights from the Pilot's coverage:

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson acknowledged today that his prophecy of a nuclear terror attack in 2007 failed to unfold, but said God has told him a recession will hit the nation this year. Robertson cited information from God when he predicted on Jan. 2 last year that major American cities would be hit by "very serious terrorist attacks" causing "possibly millions" of deaths. No such catastrophe occurred. "All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed, and God in his mercy spared us," Robertson said on "The 700 Club," a television show he hosts on the Christian Broadcasting Network, based in Virginia Beach.

Predicting the future based on what he says God tells him is an annual tradition for Robertson, who customarily spends the last days of each year in prayer. Today, Robertson implied that God informed him whom voters will elect president in November.

"He told me some things about the election, but I'm not going to say because some old man on '60 Minutes' would make fun of me, so I'm not going to tell you who the winner's going to be," Robertson said. He said oil would reach $150 a barrel -- the price hit $100 today -- with the dollar continuing to lose value in 2008.

"I also believe the Lord was saying by 2009, maybe 2010, there's going to be a major stock market crash," said Robertson, who is a millionaire businessman as well as an evangelical leader. Additionally, "the Lord was saying there's going to be violence and chaos in the world," Robertson said. He cited violence in Kenya and Pakistan, saying "we've just begun to see what's going to happen."


BostonPobble said...

There's going to be a recession? Shocked! I'm Shocked, I say!

Sorry ~ a bit punchy this afternoon. :)

Uncle Gerry said...

Your characterization of this "man" as a buffoon is way to generous. Having experienced his brand of "love" up close and personal in the early 70's when I lived in the area, my characterization of him would have to include too many words for innocent ears to hear. Suffice it to say he and the "Huckster" are a sad reflection of where the right wing in America have gone. Now if they would just go far as to disappear....