Friday, January 04, 2008

Thoughts on Obama's Win

Personally, I am happy about the Obama win because if nothing else it proves that the nation seriously wants (1) a change from politics as usually and (2) someone who will seek to unify rather than divide the country. Try as she might, Hillary will be hard put to convince many that she could/would usher in a new day politically. Yes, she'd be a change from the current disastrous regime, but overall, it would still be the old political games. Moreover, she sets off extreme negative reactions in many, including women that I know who generally would welcome a woman president. In addition, she will motivate the GOP base more than Obama to turn out voters at all costs. That said, if Obama is ultimately the Democrat nominee, expect all kinds of disgusting nastiness and underhanded moves by the GOP's water carriers. This comment of Pam Spaulding sums up some of what I believe can be expected (;jsessionid=C6A4136D9CFCC187A228DCB6D61BA91A?diaryId=4063):

As I said down in the comments, the lame Muslim smear tactics have been popping up for some time now (lately and sadly, by supporters of Clinton), and it will be only a matter of time before we see jigaboo flyers appearing in mailboxes of voters in Southern states, appealing to fears of the Black Buck chasing white women...oh, it's all so predictable. And, of course, none of it will be endorsed by the GOP, but it will all be out there polluting the process.

Of course, this kind of garbage is precisely what so many who want change wish to see put to an end. Thus, if the GOP does play this dirty game, maybe it will circle around and bite them in the ass.

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