Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Ramblings

It’s Saturday afternoon and so far the day has been pleasant – other than the heavy equipment tearing up the street out front to replace the sewer and then water lines on the block. In addition to the noise (which began at 6:15 AM on Thursday) the biggest hassle is the dust and dirty which is coating everything outside and getting tracked into the house onto the mahogany finish hardwood floors. NOT an attractive look in the foyer and living room. The sewer work should be done this week and then they will rip up the other side of the street to do the water lines. In talking to the job superintendent, I found out that the current system on my street was installed in 1909!! My house was built in 1917. Once it is all done, the street will be repaved and it should all look great, not to mention that the water pressure should be considerably improved. Until then, what a mess!!

Lunch with my daughter was nice (we went to No Frill Grill which has a great veggie burger for non-carnivores) and we hung out at the house for a while so she could bond with Bandit, the standard size Chihuahua, that she talked my ex b/f and I into buying back in October 2005. She is in town until the 13th before heading back to college and we plan to get together again before then, perhaps with my other two children as well. She reported that my son’s newest idea for an adventure is to hike the distance of the Appalachian Trail from New England all the way to the southern terminus.

Right now, surfing tomorrow looks dubious per the surf report from which provides a daily surf report and live cam from several breaks in Virginia Beach. This is the Croatan Beach cam for the spot I surf the most: If you click on the preceding link, you can actually see the waves in the live cam feed. I really need to get surfing again to get more toned up and back in good shape. I will admit, however, the thought of the initial seepage through my wetsuit sends a shiver through me!! I may have to settle for some aerobic exercise dancing at The Wave tonight instead.

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Java said...

Hmmm. Ride the cold wave or have a hot dance at The Wave. Seems pretty obvious to me! :-)

My city is doing a lot of infrastructure repair, including lots of sewer and water line work. They've been tearing apart some fairly major roads. As I drive on some of these roads in my job, it has been an extra irritation. Some of the detours aren't easy to negotiate in a large school bus! They are finally finished with Main Street, and it looks Fabulous, dahling. Drives a lot smoother, too.