Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Surgery Update - Wednesday Evening

My trip to the Medical College of Virginia hospital went well today and no skin graph was needed to cover the area on my left ring finger where additional tissue was removed as a precautionary measure.  Both the husband and I are relieved to have this behind us and that other than the removal of stitches the week after next, nothing further will be required.  Yes, it is very painful at the moment, but 10mg of Oxycodone makes it all SO, SO much better, even if I have to forego a glass of wine with dinner.  

Once again, we were very impressed with MCV's hospital operation and, should we ever need surgery in the future, that's where I will certainly go.  Despite it's relatively large population, the Virginia Peninsula has a good ways to go before it matches - at least at the Sentara hospitals. I have also learned that it is always smart to get a second opinion.  

P.S., If my typing includes error, I will blame it on the Oxycodone!!

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