Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Limited Posting

Last month I had a cyst removed from my left ring finger.  The diagnosis was benign, but due to some unusual aspects, the removal of additional tissue was recommended as a precaution.  Locally, the non-expert physicians recommended removing my finger.  I said "no way, no how" and got a second opinion from two physicians at the Medical College of Virginia hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Tomorrow I will be traveling back to Richmond for this follow up surgery that will remove more tissue and repair my finger without losing it.  I am relieved to know that what I had was not malignant, but I'm less than thrilled at the prospect of more surgery.  The husband and I will drive up early tomorrow for the outpatient procedure.  Depending on when we get back and how doped up I am on pain meds, I will hopefully post tomorrow afternoon or evening.  I will keep readers updated. 

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