Monday, June 20, 2016

Orlando Massacre (And Murder of Children at Newtown) Do Not Sway Senate Republicans

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If one wants proof of the moral bankruptcy of today's Republican Party, look no farther than the vote this evening in the United States Senate on a bill that would have allowed the U.S. Attorney General to prohibit the sale of fire arms to suspected terrorists. EVERY single Republican except Senator  Ayotte of New Hampshire and Senator Kirk of Illinois - who are each facing a difficult re-election fights - voted to kill the bill.  Even so-called "GOP moderate Susan Collins.  NRA - think gun manufacturer - money meant more to these horrible Republicans than the 49 lives lost in Orlando a little over a week ago and the 20 elementary school children massacred in Newtow, Connecticut.  Likewise, the vote showed the lie of GOP claims that Republicans want to protect Americans from future terrorist attacks.  As I often say when talking about today's Republicans, the nastiest tawdry whore has more honesty, integrity and virtue than this hypocrites and cheaply bought political prostitutes do.   Huffington Post has details:
WASHINGTON — Just over a week after the worst mass shooting in American history, the Senate failed Monday to advance a pair of modest and popular gun violence reform measures.
One would have barred gun sales to anyone who has been on a terrorist watch list in the previous five years or who is “reasonably” suspected of posing a terrorist threat. Another would have tightened the background check system to cover the so-called gun show loophole and all internet gun sales. About 90 percent of the public favors such steps.
But neither of the proposals could get the 60 votes needed to advance.
The background checks amendment failed, 44 to 56. Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) was the only Republican who supported it. Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.) were the only Democrats who opposed it.
The terrorist watch list amendment failed, 47 to 53. Kirk and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) were the only Republicans who voted for it. Heitkamp was the only Democrat who opposed it.
A pair of competing amendments by Republicans also failed.
The votes were scheduled after Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) took control of the Senate floor last week in a 15-hour filibuster-style marathon aimed not at stopping something, but at spurring action on gun violence.
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) saw the failure coming, and condemned it Monday, after reciting a long list of recent mass shootings.
“Instead of getting help from their elected officials, our constituents see a disturbing pattern of inaction,” Reid said. “It’s always the same. After each tragedy we try, we Democrats try to pass sensible gun safety measures. Sadly, our efforts are blocked by the Republicans in Congress who take their marching orders from the National Rifle Association.”
When the next "lone wolf" terror attack occurs, just remember that Republicans likely made it possible. If you find this behavior as sickening as I do, vote against Republicans at every opportunity and make it clear why you are doing so.  Encourage all you friends and family members to do so as well.  The Republican Party puts no value on American lives and the party needs to be defeated at every front.  As for the Democrats who voted against these reasonable measures, the next calls I get from the Democrat and Senatorial fundraising arms, they will get a piece of my mind and it will be very clear that I will give NO MONEY until these three Judases are out of office. 

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