Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quote of the Day - Pope Francis Meets Patriarch Kirill

I will admit that I am a total cynic when it comes to organized religion, especial denominations that proclaim to be following God's word even as their main fruits are hate and division.  The photo above, you see Pope Francis, the leader of an institution that disseminates anti-gay and anti-woman propaganda daily and still will not step up and protect children and youths from sexual abuse by priests, and the  Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, an institution that  likewise promotes anti-gay hate and whose history shows it nearly always siding with dictators and despots, a tradition alive and well today as the Russian Orthodox Church is firmly in bed with Vladimir Putin.  Blogger friend, Tony Adams, a one time priest stationed at the Vatican sums up a meeting of Francis and the Patriarch in Cuba exceedingly well:

Two costumed old men - the pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church - met in Cuba today to pretend to further the reunification of their churches, knowing full well that neither will give up his tiara. They got right down to business, signing a declaration that same-sex marriage is horrible. Stupid and silly old goats.
I continue to ponder how decent, moral individuals can support either church given their foul histories and the hate and division that they continue to foster.

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