Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthday Reflections

Today is my birthday and is often the case I found myself reflecting on life in general, the past, present and what the future may hold.  Topping off the day was a "small dinner get together" that the husband said he had put together at the Hampton Yacht Club )above is a view from the upstairs dining room).  That "small" group numbered twenty five (25) people including the two of us and included very dear gay friends and some of our amazing straight ally friends, including some of his long time clients.   Indeed, one might describe these individuals as our "extended family."

Looking back to my first birthday after I had "come out" and moved out of the home I used to live in with my former wife, the contrast could not be more stark.  Back then, I knew almost no one, was still closeted at work, and as I recall had dinner with my youngest daughter but knew no on else and had overall a very depressing day.   Now, I am out at work and socially and I have almost too many friends to count.  Time and perseverance does make a difference.   But the biggest thing that I did was get involved in LGBT community groups.  Co-founding HRBOR and getting involved literally changed my life. 

For those who find themselves where I was in those dark and bleak days that predated this blog, I cannot stress enough the need to get involved.  People are not going to flock to you.  You need to find ways to meet them, and not just in gay bars or on Grindr or similar dating/hook up sites.  Is it awkward and uncomfortable at times putting yourself out there?  Most assuredly, but the pay offs can be remarkable. 


Dave said...

Happy birthday Michael. Look how far you have come on your life journey. Those bleak early days as a newly out gay man are now in the past, and your future is bright and happy. All your progress has been made by taking one small step at a time! Enjoy your upcoming adventures with curiosity, kindness, and love.

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL!!! I sure hope you stop having these things, or you might wind up catching up with me!!! I am already an Olde Farte! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Coming out was wonderful for me. I've made so many new friends (you included) and have so many opportunities open to me now - including the possibility of finding Mr. Right. Just like you!


Peace <3