Sunday, August 09, 2015

Return to Brantingham - Continued Part 2

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Today was another amazing day at the lake and I am so very happy that we made the arduous drive - although, I think next time we will try to fly and rent a car - which has allowed me to reconnect with much of my family history on my mother's side.  We took the "Class of 1941" (pictured above) out again today, lazed on the beach and on the dock in the sun and visited some with cousins who now co-own the camp next door.  My brother arrives shortly and the three of of us and four cousins will have dinner once my brother gets here - the husband, a/k/a Martha Stewart is doing the cooking. 

The views below are scenes of the ever change lake today.  It is truly heaven here.
Early morning

Mid morning view
Afternoon view
To give a sense of the length of time my family has been coming to Brantingham Lake, below is a photo from 1919 of my great grandparents, grandfather, and an uncle and aunts from my grandfather's generation.  Consensus is that the photo was taken at a no longer existing inn just up the road from our camp.

I plan on trying to take photos of other even older photos here at the camp.  One more photo: me feeding the ducks who decided to join us as we had drinks on the beach last evening.  

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Unknown said...

Awesome! And to think, you've got Internet access! HAHAHAHA That's certainly a difference from the Class of 1941.

Peace <3