Monday, September 17, 2012

Scott Rigell - Too Extreme for Virginia

I've noted before my opposition to the re-election of Scott Rigell.  Yes, the same Scott Rigell who was endorsed by the virulently anti-gay Lou Sheldon, the founder of Conservative Values Coalition that disseminates shockingly vile and untrue anti-gay propaganda that depicts LGBT Americans as disease ridden, a menace to children, alcoholic drug users and a threat to western civilization.  A website called Rigell's Record has timely information on Scott Rigell's extremism.  Here's a sampling:
What’s Rigell’s record on issues that matter to Virginia families?
  • Economy: Backed a radical budget that his own party called too extreme.
  • Education: Tried to slash investment in schools and make college more expensive.
  • Women’s Rights: Worked with Todd Akin to re-define rape to limit care for victims of incest and statutory rape.
  • Seniors: Supports ending Medicare as we know it and making seniors pay more for health care.
  • Veterans: Wants to gut support for veterans and recklessly weaken our military, killing thousands of Virginian jobs.
Please check it out if you live in Virginia's 2nd Congressional District.  I would further add that I used to live in Rigell's neighborhood and the attitude displayed by Mitt Romney in the secret video released by Mother Jones applies to Rigell and his wife as well.  They are, in my opinion, arrogant, falsely pious modern day Pharisees who have nothing but contempt for the less fortunate and most Americans.

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