Friday, September 21, 2012

Did Mitt Romney Dye His Face to Try to Appeal to Hispanics?

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Something bizarre is going on with Mitt Romney as the images above indicate.  Some are suggesting that Mitt - who has proven himself only too willing to pander to whatever group he is a addressing at any moment in time - darkened his face before appealing to Univision viewers.  The photos definitely suggest there's been a sudden darken of Romney's face (but not his hands or apparently his ears as clearly seen above) from what it was in other recent photos.  The other hypocrisy surrounding Romney's statements is the fact that while trying to make himself sound like the son of quasi-Hispanics, he failed to mention why his grandparents were in Mexico in the first place: to escape the polygamy laws in the United States.  Of course, telling the truth about that would seriously conflict with Romney's current claim that "throughout history, marriage has always been one man and one woman."  Except, of course, in Romney's own family tree and that of most Mormons.  Gawker looks at Romney's disingenuous "brown face" appeal.  Here are highlights:

Mitt Romney currently trails President Obama among registered Latino voters by nearly 40%, and getting caught saying things like "it would be helpful to be Latino" certainly isn't helping.

But has it gotten so bad that Romney is now resorting to "brownface" in order to make himself more appealing to Univision viewers? Democratic Underground has looked at the photo above from last night's "presidential forum" and concluded that, yes, Romney definitely "dyed his face brown."

Wonkette wonders if perhaps the GOP nominee was involved in some sort of "self-tanner accident" or perhaps went out tanning with John Boehner "for a little pick-me-up."

Mitt Romney is certainly looking more crispy than usual, but is that enough to call him out for, as Gossip On This put it, trying to win "browning points"? Maybe he's just putting his Snooki love to practice.

One can only wonder what kind of fun Saturday Night Live and/or The Daily Show will have with this insanity. 

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