Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nazi Pope Again Maligns Gays and Claims Gay Marriage "Threatens Society"

Despite the fact that the sex abuse scandal involving predator priests continues unabated around the globe ad despite that he himself ought to be behind bars for his own actions in protecting sexual predators, Pope Benedict XVI continues to attack gays and gay marriage in particular.  Apparently in a snit because France appears poised to join Spain - another one time bastion of Catholicism where the Church's authority is in free fall - in providing full marriage rights to same sex couples, the Nazi Pope told visiting French bishops that gay marriage "threatens the family and society."  Would that he cared half as much about the damage done by child rapist priests and their protectors and enablers.  Gay Star News has details on Benedict XVI's latest verbal diarrhea.  Here are excerpts:

The head of the Catholic church, Pope Benedict XVI, told a group of French bishops visiting Castel Gandolfo that the introduction of gay marriage will threaten society and the family in France.  The Pope attacked yesterday (21 September) France’s plans to legalise same-sex marriage without mentioning the issue directly.
The Pope thus raised three points: Firstly saying that marriage between man and woman is a ‘fact’ of nature and ‘threatened’ by other forms of marriage which are ‘proven’ to be ‘defective’.

Secondly, he warned of that the consequences of legalising gay marriage would harm society, perhaps a critical reference to the right to adoption by same-sex couples.

Thirdly, by saying that ‘defending the family and life is propophetic’ and not ‘regressive’, he is in fact calling upon the French Catholic lobby not to shy away and take a more active stance against the government’s plans to introduce same-sex marriage.

This attack by the Pope is unprecedented in its tenacity and its direct call to interfere in the affairs of a government. His previous attack on the introduction of same-sex marriage in Spain was much more subdued and less strongly worded.

The conservative Catholic lobby in France has been very vocal in its opposition to the country’s government plans to introduce same sex marrige, although some Bishops have remained silent fearing to be portrayed as regressive.

[A]ccording to a BVA French poll published in August, 65 percent of French people support gay marriage and 53 percent support adoption by gay couples.  The full draft of the bill to introduce same-sex marriage is expected to be presented to the French cabinet on the 31 October.
As if the self-absorbed, celibate bitter old queens in the Vatican have any true concept of the family.  Or the real world that the rest of us live in for that matter.   One can only hope that if the Catholic Church continues to try to meddle in secular legal matters that it will soon find itself facing taxation on all of its assets.  The Church has been a parasite on society for far, far too long.

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